Daughter Was Caught Drinking Alcohol. What Happened Next Is A Lesson For All Fathers.!!

With the wild little invention of Youtube in 2006, lot of people are coming up with new sketches, video series, pranks, short films and much more. India is a country full of Sanskaar, we Indians want ourselves and our children to be good enough and to stay away from the bad world. Purani Dilli Talkies is a popular youtube channel and it comes up with a new Saini Sahab – comedy sketch series every week. In the start of the video, Saini Sahab’s daughter Ruchika was caught drinking alcohol by her father but surprisingly she didn’t apologize. She said something to Saini Sahab which made him apologize her. What she said is left for you to watch.!!


Here’s the Video:

Image Source: Google Images

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