Google For Sale! Surprised? Read Full Story, Revealed Here

The attempted sale of a website such as Google obviously raises a few questions. Why would any-one want to sell such a money making asset, and how much did they try to sell Google for to

Well both answers are amazing and almost unbelievable.

Back in 1999, the master of search engines was Google was still in its infancy, being operated out if a Stanford dorm room. Today the world is very different. Who can recall ever using

Google on the other hand is every-where, and just about everyone with internet access encounters one of their products. But way back in 1999, Page & Brin felt that their project was occupying too much time. Time that they thought could be better used studing. Therefore, the Google founders approached with an offer to purchase their creation for $1 million. That’s a steal right? A multibillion-dollar company for a mere $1 million.

But the CEO of Excite, George Bell, thought it was too much and not worth it. Not only did George bell decline a bountiful offer, what he did next was ridiculous.

During the meeting between the two internet search engines an Excite venture capitalist was present. He obviously saw something in the Google offer that Bell didn’t, so tried to compromise. He attempted to talk Page & Brin down to $7,50,000 but was cut short. Bell threw the Google founders out of his office along with the venture capitalist. This decision has gone down as one if the biggest blunder in business history.