What Does ‘I’ in iPhone Means? Check It Out Here.!!

There is no wonder that iPhone is one of the most attracted and most wanted smartphones by almost every tech freak in the world. There was never been a flop show from any iPhone till date. This has continued right from the first iPhone which was launched in 2006 by Steve Jobs. But one thing you have to know is that – iPhone is not the first Apple product which name starts with ‘i’, there are several products like iMac, iPod, iPad etc. So did you figure out the common thing in all of these? Yes, what does the ‘i’ at the front of each one of them mean?

Here’s the actual meaning of  ‘i’ in Apple Products:

Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Inc in 1976 in California. It has grown is size over the years and is presently the most valuable companies in the entire world.  iMac was the first Apple product which was launched in 1998 by Steve Jobs to start with ‘i’. In the product launch of iMac in 1998, Steve Jobs told that ‘i’ means the internet as those days were the beginning of the Internet generation and he claimed that iMac is aimed to provide faster and easy access to the Internet. In his presentation, he continued with the slide that ‘i’ also means the internet, inspire, inform, individual, instruct.

1 - What Does 'I' in iPhone Means? Check It Out Here.!!

Here is the presentation video of iMac by Steve Jobs:

So next time when someone asks you what does ‘i’ in your iPhone means, don’t answer them that it belongs to me, enlighten them with the truth.

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