You Will Be Shocked To Know About The Steel Man Of India.!!

We know that there are many Indians who can do unique things to bring fame to the country but have you heard of the Steel Man of India? Well! he isn’t that popular right now but surely he will become world famous one day for his hard work and dedication. Today let us know about the Steel Man of India who can easily lift 65kgs weight with his teeth.


The 34-year old Amandeep Singh is popularly known as the Steel Man of India. Interestingly, he doesn’t want to stop at this point, his dream is to become the strongest man in the world and to break 50 separate records.


Amandeep has put everything to come to this stage. He exercises 5-6 hours daily and is very confident in making his dream a reality. He has done many stunts which will definitely shock you.


Letting a car run over his stomach, stopping 20 bikers with his muscles, beaten up by sledgehammers to his private parts. Nothing seems impossible for the Steel Man of India.


Presently, he is instructing Karate and self-defense classes to more that 3000 students.


Here’s a Video of Amandeep Stunts:


Image Source : Google Images